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Another big one

I've got another big day coming up on Tuesday (November 24), and would appreciate any possible good vibes, prayers, etc. that anyone might have to point my way. :D

Vive la France

I'm kind of over watching the MSU/U of M game each year. If MSU loses, it's because we're never good enough, no matter the skills of the team, the coaching, the rankings, whatever. U of M is always deemed to be better, no matter what, and you can hear that in the tone and commentary of the announcers.

If we win, it's because of a bad call, or because U of M had injuries or players taken out of the game, again, no matter how well we may play.

It's not really exciting or interesting to watch the same farce play out every year. I've got a lot of books to read and films/TV to watch. I think it may be time to check out of college football.

Scary accurate

Horoscopes (October 14 - 20) By Cal Garrison

VIRGO (August 21 – September 20):You are working your fanny off, wondering if there is more to life than this. If you keep it up, you're gonna have a tough time getting back in touch with the things that really make you tick. For the next few weeks the sense that you've got what it takes to move mountains could easily wear out the gears of love and inspiration that wire everything from the inside out. For your own sake, take some time out. If you can't do that, arrange the next two weeks so that nothing and no one interferes with what you love. That's right my dear. It's time to replenish your life from within.

I don't love New York

I always thought I would love NYC, but now that I've been there twice, I really realize that it's not my city (London and Chicago are my cities, in case you wondered, my big cities, at least). Navigating it is difficult, including getting cabs, which should be easy, but there are simply never enough. It is ridiculously expensive, for no other reason than that it can be. It really is pretty dirty, with massive piles of trash on curbs pretty much all the time. I've definitely had some good times there, especially when I've gotten to see friends, and I've seen some cool things there, but I'd really much rather head back up to Grand Marais than go to NYC again.

In addition to feeling rather meh about the city itself, getting to and from there is just awful. Words really can't express how much I hate air travel. I don't mind flying itself, I don't mind airports, and I'm fine with security measures, etc. It's the constant delays and cancellations that bother me. It always seems so arbitrary, and I hate being subject to the whim of airlines that depend on passengers for revenue, but don't really give a fuck about passengers. Yesterday I was supposed to fly out of Newark at about 6:30 p.m., and we didn't get out until more than 2 hours after that (no real reason given - it was raining in Newark, but not storming, and it was windy in Michigan, but not ridiculously so). No big deal, except I was routing through Detroit, and missed my connecting flight because of the delay. They wanted to rebook me on a flight that would have left today, because there were no more flights last night at this time (about 10:30 p.m.), but what a waste of time. So I cancelled the rebook, rented a car, and drive the 2+ hours home, which was good because I much prefer road trips to air travel, and at least I was finally in charge of my own destiny. Finally arrived home after 3 a.m. All of this to take a trip that I wasn't particularly jazzed to go on in the 1st place (it was not the most productive trip - best thing about it was getting to see friends). To top it all off, I had worn boots that were too tight, which tore up the backs of my heels, so I was shuffling along in moccasins (from Payless, on 5th Avenue, because yes, there's a Payless on 5th Avenue) in real pain for the entire trip.

So basically I never want to leave my place again, until teleportation is a viable travel option, is what I'm saying.


A to Zed

A- Age: 41
B- Biggest Fear: Losing loved ones, in any way.
C- Current Time: 9:18 a.m.
D- Drink you last had: Coffee.
E- Easiest Person to Talk to: Family and friends.
F- Favorite Song: Not possible to name just one, but so very many from Bowie's 70s albums.
G- Ghosts, are they real: Likely.
H- Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI.
I- In love with: No one.
J- Jealous of: People with the freedom to live their lives exactly as they wish.
K- Killed Someone? Not yet.
L- Last time you cried?: Not sure - no time to cry.
M- Middle Name: Renee.
N- Number of Siblings: 4.
O- One Wish: That we're all healthy and happy.
P- Person who you last called: My insurance agent (don't call much these days, text more).
Q- Question you're always asked: How's work? (It's work.)
R- Reason to smile: Autumn/Halloween season.
S- Song last sang: Mesmerizing by Liz Phair.
T- Time you woke up: 8 a.m. - slept in from my weekday 6 a.m., uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh.
U- Underwear Color: Floral.
V- Vacation Destination: London.
W- Worst Habit: Not exercising.
X- X-Rays you've had: The Great Leg Break of 2012.
Y- Your favorite food: French fries, Mum's Thanksgiving dinner, Dad's brunch.
Z- Zodiac Sign: Virgo.


No, really, wow.

Another amazing Cal Garrison horoscope:

VIRGO (August 21 – September 20): You have finally gotten down to the bare bones of what's going on, only to find that it's the same old thing. Part of you is amazed that you keep running the same story — another part of you is beginning to see that time and repetition are the only teachers here. Recent moments of truth have been sobering. They have kept you humble enough to remind you that we all get side tracked, but in the end, nothing matters more than our purpose. We get it and we lose it in cycles. You're about to get back on track with the things that work to bring love into your life.

This is EXACTLY where I'm at right now.



Horoscopes (September 9 - 15) By Cal Garrison

VIRGO (August 21 – September 20): You keep trying to balance yourself in the midst of situations that keep spinning out of control. Making decisions about what to do next, you can't seem to get too far around the block before you say forget it and go back to square one. The sense of not getting anywhere, and the idea that all you have to do is change a few things and it'll all start to move will continue to be a fantasy for just a while longer. Regroup, recharge, and review the way things stand, relative to your situation back in 2008. Yes; there is a move afoot - but all your ducks have to line up, before time will tell.

Cal Garrison is AMAZING.



Via Cal Garrison:

Horoscopes (August 12 - 18)
VIRGO (August 21 – September 20): You have it made on a lot of levels - so much so that, the last thing one would expect is that you would ever want to blow this clam bake. As nuts as it sounds, you're actually thinking about taking off; not because there's anything 'wrong' with this picture, but because you have something new brewing. Whatever it is, it's too soon to be doing anything drastic. Soon enough, you'll have a chance to decide if you want to stick with showcase number one or go for what's behind the curtain. We get it and lose it in cycles: yes my dear - this is a huge turn around.

Via Astrology Zone:

Virgo Forecast for August 2015
By Susan Miller
Prepare to celebrate, dear Virgo! You have reached the most important month in twelve YEARS! On August 11, you will be crowned celestial favorite by benefic Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune and gifts. Jupiter's job is to make you happy, and in that quest, Jupiter will ask nothing in return. You are about to enter one of the finest years of your life.

I call these rare Jupiter years the "emerald years" because they are valuable years. They sparkle brilliantly in their translucent facets, and they remain gorgeous from any angle that you view them. Jupiter comes by to Virgo once in approximately every twelve years, and during that time, Jupiter will work hard to answer your greatest wishes. Jupiter will remain with you nearly thirteen months, from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016, a period of nearly thirteen months. If you do the math, you will soon see that if you live to 96, you would experience eight of these emerald years. Imagine eight fabulous emeralds in the palm of your hand, and take one to hold up to the light so you can revel in its beauty. This coming birthday year will be one of your fabulous emerald years.

I cannot know where in the Jupiter cycle you entered when you were born, so I will list the years when Jupiter was in Virgo. They include July 1944 to August 1945; November 1955 to December 1956; October 1967 to November 1968; September 1979 to October 1980; September 1991 to October 1992; August 2003 to September 2004, and now, August 2015 to September 2016. In astrology, no set of years is ever duplicated exactly, for each visit of Jupiter is unique. Each time Jupiter toured Virgo, the other planets were in different places in the sky. I list these to see if you can find any exciting themes that emerge.

When Jupiter is in your sign, it is considered one of the very best places for meeting one's true love. Nothing trumps this aspect, so if you were single, you would be wise to circulate a great deal this year. Cupid will zing his arrow in unexpected places, so just be optimistic, and don't set up too many qualifiers for your ideal mate. You may think you know, but life holds so many surprises. Jupiter will want you to be open, generous and kind, like he is. If you are with someone you know is not for you, leave, for you won't want to spend your emerald year on the wrong person - that would be a shame. Jupiter will reward you in love if you have a pure heart and are looking for long lasting love, not just a good time or a fling - Jupiter plays for keeps.

Astrology works best when you use it for planning and when you use your energy to show the universe your passion and intent. Jupiter will stand by to help you, so even if you've been disappointed in love in the past, this year will be very different. If you are attached, the happiness of this year will affect both of you, and with so many wonderful developments surfacing, you will grow closer to your one-and-only.

Jupiter will want to expand your horizons, so you will likely take at least one awe-inspiring foreign trip abroad to a country you have never visited. Jupiter not only brings you the opportunity but also provides the means to enjoy the gifts he brings. If funds are a concern, you may be sent abroad by your boss, or your great aunt may ask you to accompany her on a whirlwind trip to Europe, and in either case, it may be all expenses paid. I am just giving you ideas so you can start thinking - there are many possibilities. Or, you may go on a game show and win an incredible trip there, and be given sumptuous accommodations along with the flight. Jupiter is not only the planet of gifts and luck, but also of miracles, so never stop dreaming.

Jupiter will improve your health, too, for Jupiter is also called the great healer. If you have a chronic problem, continue to consult with your specialist, or get a second opinion, for a new scientific treatment may be approved suddenly and your doctor may feel your condition makes you a perfect candidate to try it. Life has all kinds of twists and turns, and this year, you are likely to experience several against-all-odds breakthroughs on various areas of your life.

In your career, you will increasingly discover VIPs will open doors for you and go out of their way to help you get ahead. You will need to have your priorities in order, so when asked by a high-level person, "How can I help?" you will need a succinct answer ready. This is no time to drop the ball or say you have to think about that. You will get one chance - be ready!

You have hosted Saturn in your house of home over the first five months of 2015, so responsibilities have been building there. Saturn reversed direction and backed out of your home and family sector on June 14 but will return to your fourth house of home on September 17, 2015, and remain there two years, until December 2017. What makes this trend of Jupiter into Virgo interesting is that Jupiter naturally rules your solar fourth house of home and family. This means that during the first year of Saturn's stay, you will have extraordinary help and perhaps a few lucky breaks from Jupiter.

Said another way, once Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11 for a year's stay, your home life will be protected. If you have been saving up to put a down payment on a condo or house, saving will go easier. If you are in a home that is what bankers call "under water" (that is, worth less than the mortgage you are paying now), your broker may be more willing to help you with your mortgage, even if you faced difficulties with banks in the past. If you have been concerned about the well-being of one of your parents (or a person you think of as a parent), you will see that conditions for your parent will improve.

As August begins, you will encounter lots of beautiful aspects. The first part of August won't show you how special life is about to become - not quite yet - but have faith. At first, the pace of life will still be quiet. Things will change in late month, but you'll need to spend most of August tweaking your plans and deciding on which goals have the greatest potential for happiness, growth, and profit.

Let's start at the top of the month and look at how things will unfold for you. The full moon of July 31, appearing in Aquarius at 8 degrees, will still be strong during the first four days of August. This will bring a work-related matter to a conclusion. You may be pressing up against a deadline on an assignment that needs to be finished and shipped. Or, one trusted assistant may leave and you may be forced to hire a new one quickly, much to your dismay. Or, you may have been interviewing for an interesting part time or full time job, and find out if you got it on this full moon, plus four days (bringing you as far as August 4).

This full moon is in Aquarius, so the job may involve a humanitarian project, or a job or project in the scientific, digital, or biologic arena. The topic of social media may come up, and if you are skilled in that area, be sure to mention it to your interviewer. Aquarius rules astrology, so your interest in astrology may be accented at this time too.

August 2 brings a sparkling day, when your ruling planet, Mercury, also ruling news, will reach out to Uranus, planet of surprise, currently in your solar eighth house of other people's money. This suggests you will get news of money coming to you, suddenly and soon. It may be money you need as a loan (and you filled out an application for that loan several weeks ago), or the money may come in the form of a commission, royalty, advance, bonus, or licensing fee. It may be an insurance payout, back child support, or court settlement. Or, it may be money owed to you that you've waited a long time to collect. No matter what, the news on this day should make you smile.

Additionally, if a health matter has troubled you, you may see the condition improve or clear up shortly after the full moon of July 31, or hear that a set of protocols, such as a series of physical therapy sessions or other medical procedures, are about to wind down.

Your outlook for upbeat financial news will again be bright on August 4, when Venus is due to align perfectly with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. Alternatively, you may be traveling on this day and enjoying your trip to the hilt. This would not be the best day to schedule a blind date, however, even though Venus rules love. Venus is currently retrograde, a trend that started July 25, and that will continue until September 6. When Venus is retrograde, she is in a weakened state, the reason love will likely feel a bit flat or lacking at the time. As said earlier, your outlook for finding love could not be better - just wait until September or October to see evidence of this.

A wonder day may turn out to be August 7, when your ruler, Mercury will align with Jupiter too. This happens once a year, so this truly is a bright, blue ribbon day. The electrical current between a friendly Uranus and Mercury will brilliantly light your mind, and ideas will keep coming to you like popcorn popping in a hot pot. Capture those ideas on paper, lest you forget them later - these will be special. This would also be an ideal day to travel with your one-and-only to a beautiful, sunny spot for just the two of you, and if you have children, see if your mother or other relative would volunteer to help babysit for you so that you and your partner could enjoy a long weekend away.

Mars will be in Leo most of the month, beginning August 8 to September 24, a time of quiet reflection. Take time to relax, because later, you won't have a moment to breathe! That busy time will begin September 24 to November 12, while Mars will tour Virgo and light a bonfire under all your plans. You will move into an exciting time, when you will get many offers to get involved in opportunities that you used to only dream about. Be choosy, however, or you will stretch yourself too thin.

The projects you start while Jupiter is in Virgo (August 11 to September 9, 2016 next year) and especially when you have both Jupiter AND Mars in Virgo (September 24 to November 12) will be a critical time. The seeds that you plant then will grow into massive oak trees, and the tree's branches will practically reach the sky. You are starting a new cycle now, and this year's actions will pay dividends to you throughout the coming decade - the time you are entering in late September will be THAT important. That's why you will want to be very deliberate in your choices and actions. Carefully consider all your options and plot your moves with precision. The potential for happiness and gain is simply astounding. Life cannot always be this sweet, but when it is, you must take full advantage.

The new moon of August 14 will fall in Leo 22 degrees, and continue the theme of planning for your incredibly happy new birthday year. This new moon will be unusually friendly, and will receive a golden beam from Uranus. Again, financial news is likely to be sudden and special. If you had been concerned about cash flow in the past, it looks like you won't be running out of cash in August. The exciting part about this is that you won't see your good luck coming - it just will simply show up of thin air, and for that you will have Uranus to thank.

In case you assume you couldn't possibly have more good financial luck, think again. August 19 will be very special, when Venus and Uranus will combine forces for more good news about money. Wow, I can think of many signs that would love to trade places with you this month, dear Virgo.

Now, for the best news of all, for it's news I have been bursting to tell you. This month holds the luckiest day of the year, August 26, when Jupiter will meet with the mighty Sun. They will have an important dinner together to discuss how they can both benefit you. Jupiter is the great good fortune planet, and the Sun will enlarge all of Jupiter's powers. Everyone of every sign will look forward to this day, and every sign will enjoy it in very different ways. That's because Jupiter and the Sun always choose a different sign in which to meet. The fantastic new is that this year, for the first time since September 21, 2004, Jupiter and the Sun will meet in VIRGO!

This is your day, August 26, to do as you please. If you need a competitive edge in any realm of life, this is your day. If by any chance your birthday falls on August 26, plus or minus five days, your entire year will be dipped in gold, and you will have special favor, simply by the fact that the anniversary of your birth falls on such a remarkable day. You seem to have a special edge in matters of real estate at this time, but I am splitting hairs. You waited twelve years for this day, so plan it carefully.

I am always disappointed when friends say, "Oh, I am going to get a lotto ticket." Really? Is that your greatest goal in life? To win the lottery? That's it? My heart sinks. Often lotto winners have terrible difficulties afterward with jealous family and friends, so winning the jackpot is not always what it is cracked up to be. I, for one, want to earn my way in life. No, this beautiful rare day, the luckiest day in the year, is not about buying a lotto ticket and sitting home and waiting for your numbers to come up. To make this day work for you, you would have to make a passionate effort toward a great goal that is meaningful to you. Virgo is one of the most spiritual and least materialistic of signs, so I think I am preaching to the choir - you knew this already!

Here are some ideas for how to best use August 29: Schedule a big career or academic interview, make a major client presentation, launch a new product or service, or open the doors of your business. If you sign a contract on this day, you will have a day with a grand potential for financial growth. (Saturn and Mercury will be in sync, an ideal aspect for making a legal promise.)

If you are in any type of competition on this day, even one involving athletics, you will do well, for physically you will be capable of scoring a personal best. This day will also be special for planning an enchanting trip with your sweetheart / spouse, and if you do, consider a gorgeous mountainous range, either thickly vegetated or with breathtaking red rocks, like in Sedona. If you dearly want a baby, this would be the time to start trying for conception. Alternatively, in the last week of August, you may take an important qualifying test, like the Bar, or defend your thesis. Matters of passport, immigration, visa, and green card will be favored. If you have a health concern, consult a specialist doctor - you get the idea. If you go shopping, you are likely to spend more than you anticipated, but the items you buy will likely bring you many compliments.

The month will end with a full moon in Pisces 6 degrees, August 29, to light your seventh house of established committed partner. It will come conjunct Neptune, so this may be a bewitching, memorably romantic full moon. Pluto will be close enough to send warm and affirming greetings to Neptune, and because Pluto is in your house of true love, this brings a very special vibration - you may be transformed by love. By all indications, this could bring an evening filled with the haunting perfume of honeysuckle in the air, fresh breezes, and the feel of moist sand beneath your toes. A Pisces full moon suggests you will be near water, listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves reaching the shore. Revel in this special full moon, dear Virgo, and toast your birthday year to come.


Life has been quiet, until now. You have just entered the most significant month of the year, and very possibly in the decade, for from August on, you will experience a lively, vibrant turning point to better days. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will enter Virgo on August 11, and remain in your sign until September 9, 2016, a period of almost thirteen months. Having Jupiter in your sign is a rare privilege - it's considered a time of seeing abundance on all levels, including the best aspect possible for meeting your one true love if you are single.

Jupiter will also bestow strong health, and an expanding circle of friends and acquaintances that are powerful and influential and will be willing to open doors for you. It is also likely you will travel abroad, to a city you've never seen but always hoped to see. You've not had Jupiter's help in your sign since mid-2003 to mid-2004, so this period will be special, and your experiences are due to be simply remarkable.

The month starts with a work project that you will be wrapping up, thanks to the friendly full moon of July 29 in Aquarius, still active during the first days of August. With Saturn active at the time, you may find finishing it will require a great deal of attention to detail, but who is better at rising to the occasion to monitor a detailed project than a Virgo? This project may have something to do with the digital world, and if so, the work you did will lead you into areas that will that will stimulate you and allow you room to experiment in a completely new realm. If the digital world does not describe your project, it may have something to do with a humanitarian or political effort you are involved in. In fact, this full moon may also bring you into the world of astrology, as Aquarius rules all things little understood - black holes, exploration of space, and yes, astrology too.

When Venus meets with Jupiter - a rare event - you may see money fly into your bank account, August 4.

Mercury, your ruler, will also meet with Jupiter during that same week, August 7, indicating this would be an ideal time to travel to a secluded, restful spot before Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11. The new moon on August 14 will also encourage you to slow down and rest. It would be a perfect time in the two weeks that follow that new moon, August 14, to decide what you hope to accomplish in this coming birthday year, a time you will soon hit all green lights ahead on the highway of life. You have seen no evidence of this yet, but very soon the curtain of life will go up, and you will be crowned celestial favorite of the zodiac.

One of the most dazzling days of the year - and possibly of the decade - will be August 26 when the Sun will meets with Jupiter in Virgo. This is a day to think big and to stretch toward accomplishing a dream that's dear to you. The desire you harbor may be professional or personal - that is up to you. For example, you may ask a friend to make a romantic introduction for you on August 26. Or, you may have a key interview or negotiation, or sign a contract on August 26. It's a five-star day, dear Virgo, more rare than the brightest diamonds or emeralds. The last time this conjunction occurred in your sign it was September 21, 2004.

If your birthday falls on August 26, or within five days of this date, you have won the cosmic jackpot, for you will have a double dip of luck not only on this day, but also throughout your birthday year. This is because the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter will fall on your "solar return" - the day Sun literally returns to where it was on the day you were born. Astrologers look to the aspects on one's birthday, for the solar return is considered a very important indicator for what is to come in your year ahead. For you, the road will be paved in gold - very happy!

The month ends with a full moon in Pisces in your sector of marriage, partnership, collaboration, and commitment. The moon will conjoin Neptune, producing a highly glamorous, romantic vibration, assuming the matter has to do with love. If you are about to make a business decision about a partner, Neptune may cloud your eyes. (A romantic decision may be off, too.) Saturn will be in tough angle to this full moon, so be circumspect, and listen to what close friends and family have to say about what you hope to do. They will have your best interests at heart. Still, I don't want to throw a wet blanket on this silvery, shimmering evening. It may turn out to be one of the most beautiful evenings that you've ever experienced, so let's think good thoughts! Jupiter will still be within two tiny degrees of the Sun, a lovely sign of hope, optimism and the sweetest love of all.



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